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Robert Watson McChesney.

Robert Watson McChesney.

Robert Watson McChesney. Son of Mathew Watson McChesney and father of Leroy Edward McChesney Sr. With his father, and his brother, Henry Nelson McChesney, they formed M. W. McChesney & Sons, a wholesale grocery firm in Honolulu HI. Robert Watson's sons, Fredrick.W. and , Jess. M. McChesney later joined the firm. Robert Watson mainly resided in San Francisco and Alameda. He served in the Civil War on the Union side.
This image was taken in 1894 (Maybe).

During the 1850s, he was a farmer in Iowa, moved to Missouri in 1860, and became a member of the 36th Iowa regiment during the Civil War.

After the war, he became a publisher of a newspaper in Batesville, Arkansas and in 1884, or so, moved the family to the San Francisco area. In 1888, the family moved to Honolulu to become an active member of the firm M.W. McChesney & Sons.